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Halloween Soon!

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

It will be Halloween again very soon, which reminds me that the first time we used the Green screen curtain on our Photo Booth was a couple of years ago for a Halloween party in Torquay. It was such a great success and the photos looked so good we now use the Green screen curtain for almost every event we do, and the guests seem to delight in having their photo’s with such fun and glamorous backgrounds.

Halloween Party at Torquay United football ground, lots of great green screen images from that event.

At a wedding this summer one of the guests approached the photo booth with his wife and said … ” I’ve just promised the missus a quick trip to New York, would you oblige?”.

Of course! I replied, did you bring your passports?

From our Photo booth with green screen included, at wedding, using the New York background
New York City! or maybe its that green screen again

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