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How does a fun casino work - Faqs

  • How does a fun casino work

  • Why hire a casino as part of your entertainment

  • Do you use full size tables and roulette wheel

  • How long do we play for

  • What if my guests don't know the rules

  • Is a mobile fun casino legal

  • Do we get a croupier for each table

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How does a fun casino work...

A mobile fun casino is a unique form of entertainment, it allows you and your guests to play real casino games and experience all the glamour, thrill and atmosphere of a casino night but without the financial risks.

Your guests play the tables with real casino chips and fun money, and we recommend you supply a prize or two for the best gamblers to win at the end of the evening.

Why hire a fun casino...

A fun casino party is the perfect icebreaker, no more worries about guests not knowing each other, our professional, knowledgeable and friendly croupiers build a welcoming atmosphere instantly and your guests will be mixing, laughing and having fun in no time at all. You can just relax and mingle with your guests and let us look after the entertainment.

Do you use full sized casino equipment...

We always use full size casino games tables, beautifully polished real roulette wheels, and casino standard gaming chips and playing cards etc. But if space is limited at your venue then we can offer you our space saver option which can fit in almost anywhere, please see the Space Saver option in our Packages.

How long do we play the games for...

We normally recommend you have the casino running for a maximum of 2.5 hours straight or 3 hours with a break for food. We are of course flexible and will fit in around any other activities you have going on, and we will liaise with you before the event to advise on the perfect number of gaming tables and combinations for your casino party. As an example, one of our most popular packages is a mix of three tables - Roulette, Blackjack and Casino Stud Poker.

What if my guests don't know the rules...

Never been to a fun casino party night before don't worry, your guests will 'learn as they play' as all the betting odds and rules of play will be explained by our friendly croupiers as we go.

Is a mobile fun casino legal...

A mobile fun casino party is completely legal providing it is organised as part of the overall entertainment. The only important thing to remember is that your guests do not win or lose anything and no real money is involved so no special licence is required.

Do we get a croupier for each table...

Each table hired will have an experienced croupier in full evening dress to ensure it all runs smoothly and to deal the game and explain the rules to your guests.

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