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To backdrop or not to backdrop

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Often we will arrive at the venue and there will already be a perfect background, a lovely wood panelled wall, or maybe an attractive stone or brick feature wall, perhaps we would decide that the fireplace or the Christmas tree would look great in the photos, if that was the case then we wouldn’t use a backdrop and would just go with what’s already in the room and here is a perfect example of what we mean.

This photo was taken at a birthday party we recently attended with our Halo booth at bar Twenty 1 on the harbour in Torquay, now although it’s a lovely venue it’s not the largest and for us to take up 8ft of wall space with a backdrop would be completely out of the question, but fortunately they have a small area of lovely exposed brickwork in the room so we were able to utilise that, not take up too much space, still run the Halo photo booth and produce plenty of photos and quite a few boomerang video’s for the guests that night.

But if the Halo booth is going into an ordinary room with plain painted walls or an area of a function room that perhaps needs a little bit of help or maybe you were thinking of having a specific theme at your event by using the Las Vegas backdrop or the James Bond backdrop to go with your fun casino tables, or perhaps the Flower Arch backdrop or the Wooden Wall backdrop with fairy lights would be your choice for those perfect wedding photos.

And then on this occasion we used our Casino Royale backdrop to cover the corner of the function room where some unused chairs had been stacked up!

Click here to see all of our lovely backdrops and remember when used in the right place at the right time one of our backdrops can provide the perfect background to ensure beautiful photos every time.

But please be aware we can only set up one of our backdrops if there is the room to do it, our backdrops measure 8ft x 8ft (2.4m x 2.4m)

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