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No substitute for experience!

Casino Select have arrived at the venue!

This photo was taken at the Victoria Hotel in Sidmouth on New Years Day, and we were there to entertain the hotel guests, the Victoria have been a regular customer of ours for quite a few years now, we usually have a summer season there as well as adding to their all important Christmas and New Year entertainment.

And no we didn't run into the Christmas tree although I know from this photo it looks that way!

But its not enough to just be there in good time, you need to be prepared and organised so everything is to hand, and that means time spent loading the van at home before setting out. So when you arrive at the venue everything can come out of the van in the correct order and that way you can get in and set up with the minimum of fuss and disruption, this level of preparation doesn't happen by accident it comes from years and years of experience setting up and running hundreds of casino events all over the South West at a huge number of different venues ranging from small parties in private houses to large events in hotels and conference centres.

And the results of all that planning, preparation and experience are plain to see

Add to this our awesome team of experienced croupiers and you end up with happy guests, a very happy hotel manager and some great memories for all those guests to take away.

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