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Leap Year Proposal, what are the odds?

It started with St. Patrick

If you’re wondering how the tradition of women proposing to men on Leap Day first began, most versions of the Irish tale suggest that it originated with St Patrick during the fifth century. St. Brigid of Kildare is said to have informed the patron saint of Ireland that women were expected to wait too long for men to propose. So they agreed to create one day during which women could propose to men, and the choice of 29 February is believed to have been chosen to reflect the fact that the Leap Year is designed to balance calendars.

The fine for saying "No" to that leap year proposal

The fine for declining a woman’s Leap Day proposal varies depending on the culture of the individual couple. In certain affluent European societies, declining a proposal on Leap Day, which is known in some cultures as Bachelors’ Day due to the tradition, was a more costly exercise. The custom in these countries was to purchase 12 pairs of gloves for the female whose proposal you decided to refuse. This was considered to be the usual fine, as it enabled her to conceal any embarrassment over not possessing a ring to wear on her wedding finger. Some cultures prefer to adhere to the consequence within the original Irish story, and require the Bachelor to buy a silk dress for the women he is deemed to have rejected. However, less expensive fines adopted across the world have included a kiss for the lady, as per the original Irish folklore.

So what are the odds of a leap year proposal. In short we have no idea, but if he says yes and you use Casino Select as the entertainment on your wedding day, you can leave figuring all the odds out to us, we might not know much about the chances of a yes on the 29th February, but when it comes to Roulette and Black Jack we know all the odds.

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