American Roulette

Roulette is the most famous and glamourous of the casino games with its beautiful mahogony roulette wheel and traditional baize layout, our full-size free standing tables can accommodate 10-25 players at any one time.  Place your bets on numbers, red, black, even, odd etc...
No prior knowledge needed to enjoy betting - odds explained to your guests as they play by our charming croupiers. Table dimensions approx 10ft x 5ft

Most popular of the card games.
Player tries to beat dealer to score of 21. Great similarities to Pontoon. Blackjack tables can accommodate up to 15 people playing at once if space between boxes is used. Rules in doubling down and splitting cards are explained by croupiers as they occur.
Wheel of Fortune
A visual, colourful game for all your guests to enjoy. Place your bets in the coloured boxes then try your luck with the spin of  the wheel. Generates lots of noise and excitement.
Casino Stud Poker
Very simple form of Poker as player bets against the dealer only.
Odds printed out for player to follow, e.g. Pairs, Straight Flush, Two of a Kind, etc., what they are and what they pay. Not as popular as Blackjack but of interest to people who may be unsure of how to play Poker.
Dice / Mini Craps

 A fast exciting game which can accommodate many players around the table. Take a chance and roll the dice to win.Generates noise and enthusiasm with participation of players throwing dice. Odds printed on layout for easy comprehension.

"One of our most popular packages consists of three tables,
for example ... a Roulette a Blackjack and a Poker"
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