Actually I really do like doing Wedding Fayres I think! When I first book to do a Wedding Fayre I think it’s a good idea and I start thinking about which casino table I’m going to put in : Roulette which is beautifully  visual  with its highly polished Roulette Wheel and with the gentle tinkering sound of the ball dropping into a number  (the winning number one hopes)


or maybe space might be limited then I’ll need to think about putting in a Blackjack (a very popular casino game) and could try and impress potential  wedding couples with my flashy shuffling or fast dealing and quick maths!  Or perhaps Poker now that would impress the groom and his friends but then they wouldn’t be looking at all the other exhibitors stands and the bride could get a little upset as she wanted to look at dresses! 🙁


Then the dreaded day comes and we have  been out working the night before until late and not got to bed until the early hours !!  Oh no I can’t possibly get up early on a Sunday for a Wedding Fayre I’m just too tired!!
The alarm goes off and the rest of the household are still asleep (we don’t do mornings well in our house) and off I go to yet another Wedding Fayre !
I arrive still feeling a little frail and still thinking of my bed, but after the physical setting up I finally stand back look at my stand tweaking it here and there ……… a few strong coffees later and  I’m feeling more like it……  I have a little chat to some of the other exhibitors (some of the serial wedding fayre regulars and some new ones) who I’ve made friends with over the many Wedding Fayres I’ve attended and its also great to do a bit of networking….  The doors open and the morning rush has started and the first couple arrive at my stand…… “Hello have you thought about casino hire for your special day ” I ask “its fabulous  entertainment for your guests bringing the glitz of Las Vegas and the glamour of  Monte Carlo to your event”…..
I’m on a roll now and the early morning feeling has disappeared 🙂

About Mandy Blackler

Having been involved full-time in the Casino industry since 1986, you could definitely say ‘Casinos’ are a family tradition! Both myself, my partner Paul (who I met on my first big cruise ship), Pauls’ brother and his wife, have experienced the glitz and glam of casinos around the world from luxury casinos to glamorous cruise liners, travelling to places as far afield as the Caribbean, South Africa and Russia. Between us we have worked as croupiers, pit bosses, inspectors .... on every table from roulette to blackjack, poker, craps/dice ... So when we say ‘Let us bring the Glitz of Monte Carlo to your Living Room’, we truly know how to recreate that excitement for you!
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