How to throw an Unforgettable Autumn Party

We love Autumn. Whether its Halloween, Bonfire Night or just the start of a new season there’s so many reasons to celebrate!

However, as we’ve said before, we know that event organising can be stressful so here are our top 5 tips to make your Autumn celebrations really stand out.

1.  Venue

This time of year, the weather can be unpredictable so it’s best to move your celebrations indoors. Nothing puts a dampener on a party more than getting guests caught in a rainstorm with nowhere to shelter.

If you are hosting a party this autumn and still haven’t found the perfect venue, we’ve visited some great places recently.

Exeter Golf and Country Club was the perfect setting for a corporate event we worked back in July.


We spent our Summer at the Victoria Hotel in Sidmouth, which provides a beautiful location for any event.


The Saunton Sands Hotel North Devon is a wonderful place to host an event- look out for us there on boxing day and New Year’s day!


2. Decorations

For those of you who love your arts and crafts, we would suggest using old playing cards to make decorations and accessories.
Try cutting them into strips to make delicate and unique paper chains, or attach a whole pack to some ribbon as bunting.

We, obviously, love the use of playing cards. And any of these decorations would make the perfect backdrop for one of our casino parties.

Decorations are a big part of your autumn celebrations, and we don’t think it should have to stop there! A photo booth from Photo Booth Select adds an element of fancy-dress fun to any celebration, as well as providing your guests with the perfect keep-sake.



3. Lighting

Don’t want to go all out with a fireworks display or bonfire? You can still add an autumnal glow by using hollowed out seasonal fruits and veg- we would suggest apples or baby pumpkins- as tea light holders.
(Try and keep these as far as possible from your playing-card decorations!)

If you are worried this might be a fire hazard, or will have young children running around, substitute tea lights for fairy lights.

4. Food

As we’re already discussing autumn fruits, the perfect seasonal treat to serve your guests are toffee apples. Easy to make, and even easier to eat whilst still being able to participate in a game of black jack or spin the wheel of fortune.

If apples sound a little too healthy for you, cake pops are a great crowd-pleasing alternative. You could even decorate them like apples or pumpkins if you still want to appear a little virtuous.

5. Drink

In the chilly weather, we all want to keep warm. That’s why a hot chocolate bar is a perfect and fun addition to any party. Offer a range of toppings and flavours to please all your guests. Shots of alcohol are always a welcome addition to make your hot beverage a little more festive, and will mean your drinks bar is kiddy and adult friendly.


Of course, we do know that not everyone loves the DIY party planning as much as some. So, if you are planning a special event this autumn, why not give us a call? We can provide the entertainment and show you and your guests the casino ropes. We’re also always happy to point you in the direction of great caterers and venues. All you’ll be required to do is turn up and enjoy yourself.


After all, that’s what parties are for.

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