The Glamorous Roulette Wheel………

There are many mystery’s surrounding the history of the classic casino game roulette, in this post I will take you though the beginnings of this characteristic game.


An inventor that goes by the name of Blaise Pascal, in 1655, was frantically searching for ways to create a perpetual motion machine. While doing so he mistakenly invented the first ever Roulette Wheel.


Although his original search proved ineffective. Unbeknown to Blaise Pascal at the time, he became the soul creator of a single wheel that would be the most iconic vision of gambling, an eye catching and exciting Roulette wheel, which went on to become the symbol of gambling for the 19th century right through to this current day.

Like many games, the earliest mentions of roulette are in legal documents, banning the game.

The roulette game we know today is in some cases believed to originate from other games that used rotation wheels:

Rotating wheel game Hoca, a game that was invented in Italy using a wheel and a small ball….

Another rumour is that roulette was formed for the English game E-O….


Both games used a rotating wheel with special marks for players to bet and either they win or the casino would win bets.  E-O was the first wheel game with bets on Even and Odd, which are still used in the modern roulette games today.

The French word ‘Roulette’ means ‘Small Wheel’ which in high class Casinos around the world the beautifully carved mahogany roulette wheels are by no means small…… but are large, fascinating and distinguished ……. The Glamorous Roulette Wheel’


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