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With Halloween and Bonfire Night both over for another year, the time has come to start getting excited for Christmas!

Here at Casino Select, we love Christmas and everything that surrounds the festive celebrations. However, we also realise, with expectations so high, there can be extra pressure to throw the perfect event! Whether you’re in charge of planning the work Christmas do, a reunion with friends or just a family get together, we’ve made a list of our best tips to help the event run as smoothly as possible!

  1. Set a date & spread the word
  • We all know Christmas is an incredibly busy time of year and people’s diaries will be filling up quickly. So choose a date and get the word out as soon as possible, even if you haven’t got every detail sorted, make sure the date is saved!
  1. Choosing the venue
  • The venue can be an absolute make or break of a party. It needs to be big enough so all your guests are comfortable but not so large it feels empty. The location is also very important, no one wants to be driving miles for a party, so keep it local and keep it convenient. Be organised- Christmas is a notoriously busy time and people will have booked well in advance so the sooner you confirm your location the better!
  1. Drinks
  • Christmas is always a great excuse to get a little bit merry and let your hair down. So why not branch out from your go-to drink and organise some festive alternatives? Our favourites include winter pimms, mulled wine or even an adult’s only hot chocolate with a shot (or two!) of rum to give it the festive feel!
  1. Entertainment
  • We’ve all been to our fair share of Christmas parties and some are certainly better than others… so why not add some entertainment to your event and make your party a memorable one? Rather than having a formal sit down meal where you only talk to people on either side of you, why not add a Photo Booth by Photo Booth Select? Not to forget our Fun Casino Entertainment by Casino Select. It allows guests to mingle and gives the evening a fun focus. Some of our favourite games include:
    • Roulette
    • Poker
    • Black jack
    • Wheel of fortune
  1. Saving memories
  • So you’ve spent all this time and effort getting everyone together for what should be an amazing event so why not record it in style? Gone are the days of slightly blurry, garish flash phone photos as you can now hire a Photo Booth from Photo Select! With a huge variety of props and backdrops, our photo booths give your guests a keep sake of your special event and provide a great source of entertainment at the party itself.

We know not everyone loves planning and it can get a bit stressful. We can guarantee if you follow our step by step guide above, a good time will be had by all.

About Mandy Blackler

Having been involved full-time in the Casino industry since 1986, you could definitely say ‘Casinos’ are a family tradition! Both myself, my partner Paul (who I met on my first big cruise ship), Pauls’ brother and his wife, have experienced the glitz and glam of casinos around the world from luxury casinos to glamorous cruise liners, travelling to places as far afield as the Caribbean, South Africa and Russia. Between us we have worked as croupiers, pit bosses, inspectors .... on every table from roulette to blackjack, poker, craps/dice ... So when we say ‘Let us bring the Glitz of Monte Carlo to your Living Room’, we truly know how to recreate that excitement for you!

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