The best reasons to end your wedding celebrations on chips and bubbly (part 1)

Everyone loves a good glass of champagne, the bubbles are delightful, the flavour amazing and, shockingly, the drink actually has proven benefits – so you may be wondering why we’ve chosen to pair it with chips. Well, the kind of chips we’re talking about aren’t the ones you eat. Why not add a touch of sophistication to your wedding celebration with a game of roulette or poker?

A fun casino might seem an odd choice for a wedding, but there are dozen reasons that you might like to end your wedding with a game – and not just because it gives you an excuse to crack open the champagne and cocktails. Here at The Wedding Secret we’ve made a list of just some of the best reasons to end your celebration on chips and bubbly.



A marriage is the time when two families become one. The Christmas dinners suddenly get a bit more crowded and the number of birthdays you have to remember suddenly gets a lot bigger. However, a lot of your family members won’t have any idea who half the other guests are. A game of roulette is a great way to get the two groups talking.

Nothing gets a family more excited than a bit of friendly competition. Whether that’s an older sibling determined not to let the younger beat them at monopoly or your aunt getting way too invested in a game of charades, some of your family’s best bonding moments will have happened over a game. So what better way to break the ice between the two groups than sitting back and giving them a great game to bond over?

The best part is that roulette and blackjack are such well-known games that most people will already know the rules and, regardless of their age, everyone can enjoy playing.

About Mandy Blackler

Having been involved full-time in the Casino industry since 1986, you could definitely say ‘Casinos’ are a family tradition! Both myself, my partner Paul (who I met on my first big cruise ship), Pauls’ brother and his wife, have experienced the glitz and glam of casinos around the world from luxury casinos to glamorous cruise liners, travelling to places as far afield as the Caribbean, South Africa and Russia. Between us we have worked as croupiers, pit bosses, inspectors .... on every table from roulette to blackjack, poker, craps/dice ... So when we say ‘Let us bring the Glitz of Monte Carlo to your Living Room’, we truly know how to recreate that excitement for you!
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