Where It All Began for Casino Select

Although based in Devon and providing quality entertainment for the whole of the South West, Casino Select did not start here and has been inspired by our multiple travels and high standard of casino experience from across the world.

I first met Paul in 1989 on our first ship together, the SS Rotterdam which is now in fact a floating museum in Rotterdam, Holland. We had the most wonderful time working on the cruise ships, as shown by the group picture of us and the great team of cruise ship Casino staff. Can you spot Paul and I amongst the glitz and glamour?

The elegant and intriguing pictures were taken outside Caesars Palace, which was the classiest Casino in Las Vegas in 1989. We had decided to wizz across to Vegas whilst the ship (MS New Amsterdam) was in dry dock for a few days. No dress was ever too glitzy for the Casinos in Vegas.

The picture of me on the Craps table, also on MS New Amsterdam was the Christmas cruise where I was working for New Years Eve that year. Such great memories!

Want to relive or experience for the very first time the charming atmosphere of a real life cruise ship? Get in touch!

About Mandy Blackler

Having been involved full-time in the Casino industry since 1986, you could definitely say ‘Casinos’ are a family tradition! Both myself, my partner Paul (who I met on my first big cruise ship), Pauls’ brother and his wife, have experienced the glitz and glam of casinos around the world from luxury casinos to glamorous cruise liners, travelling to places as far afield as the Caribbean, South Africa and Russia. Between us we have worked as croupiers, pit bosses, inspectors .... on every table from roulette to blackjack, poker, craps/dice ... So when we say ‘Let us bring the Glitz of Monte Carlo to your Living Room’, we truly know how to recreate that excitement for you!
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